Stylist | Cosmetologist


As a Licensed Cosmetologist and a natural hair care specialist, Unique not only exhibits a true passion for the art of hair styling, but also provides a scientific professional outlook on maintaining healthy hair and enables clients to reach their hair goals naturally. Unique specializes in natural/protective hair styling and offers styles such as: Individual Braid Extensions, Twists/Twist   Extensions, Cornrows, Faux Loc Extensions, Crochet Weaves/Braids and she prides herself on high quality and speed. Since completing a rigorous Trichology Certification program, Unique is board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is able to utilize this knowledge to conduct thorough Scientific Consultations; Analyze and identify common hair shaft and scalp disorders; and Assist in client hair loss. You will leave Unique's chair feeling confident and educated in maintaining your beautiful mane.

Telephone: (310) 972-0294